Robot is a top-performing and dependable stake pool for the Cardano network.

Join Robot to earn consistent staking rewards and benefit from our secure and reliable infrastructure.

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Robot staking pool!

Harness the potential of Cardano blockchain with Robot – where technology meets efficiency. Stake your ADA and embark on a journey of secure, sustainable and compounding earnings.


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We believe in Cardano.
Why should you?



Cardano is widely regarded as one of the most promising and technologically advanced blockchain projects.


Scientific Approach

One of the main advantages of Cardano is its scientific approach to development, which is backed by a team of world-class researchers and experts.



Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, staking ADA is eco-friendly and accessible, requiring no expensive mining equipment or high energy consumption.


Scalable & Secure

Cardano offers a blockchain that is robust, scalable and centered on decentralization and interoperability.



Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm allows users to earn secure passive income by staking their ADA.



In 2021, ADA’s value soared by 1350%, with forecasts hinting at continued growth and prominence.

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Dive into our story.

From Cardano's dawn, we've been there – a collective of professionals with rich technical and marketing expertise.

We created Robot Stake Pool to not only strengthen Cardano's security, but also generate a reliable passive income for ourselves and our delegators.

We believe in Cardano's vision of a fair and secure digital future. Together, we're part of a positive change that's happening in the world of technology.

With Robot Stake Pool, you can join us in achieving financial security and pursuing your passions. Whether it is a quality time with loved ones, personal growth, philanthropy or indulging in the arts.

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